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Gantry crane is very practical applicability

- Jan 28, 2019 -

The portal crane is in the bridge crane foundation, the outward appearance design has the change, the revision becomes.Most used in outdoor, often installed in the yard, port, and other places to load and unload goods.It is widely used and can be classified into many different categories.

Gantry crane looks like a door, used to load and unload goods, so gu type think righteousness, gantry crane.The door frame is made of metal and has two feet to hold the main beam.The two ends of the girder are also extended to meet the requirements.Only two feet to support the ground, so the area is not large, strong applicability, more general, in many places are useful.



There are many types of crane, its door also has a classification: the first is the whole door type, by the car in the span of the operation within the limit;The second type is half door, the foot height difference, according to the specific requirements of the site set.

Then the cantilever door can be divided into single and double, double cantilever cranes are very common.The single cantilever crane is very limited in the form of the site.

Gantry crane is very practical, when the operation is a slow cycle of movement of a large machinery.It is helpful to know the classification of portal crane's frame.No lifting in excess of load;That is, when the weight of the object exceeds the load of the crane, it cannot be lifted.

Dim light not hanging, weight unknown not hanging;The sling and accessories are not tied tightly, and do not meet the safety requirements.The lifting object should be fixed firmly to avoid falling halfway;The crane hanging heavy objects is not hoisted when processing directly;The weight in the lifting process cannot be processed. If processing is required, the weight shall be dropped.Pull slanting, slanting not hanging;If the goods to be lifted are not neatly arranged, the driver cannot operate the crane.

A person standing on the workpiece or a moving object placed on the workpiece is not suspended;When there is a moving object on the workpiece, there will be a big safety risk, at this time can not operate the machine.Oxygen cylinder, acetylene generator and other explosive items do not hang;Explosive is a safety hazard.With edges and corners, block mouth objects have not been padded (prevent wire rope wear or cut) not hanging;Objects buried underground are not lifted without taking measures;Buried objects cannot be lifted because of many unknown conditions.Command signal unknown, illegal command is not hanging, the driver operating the crane to strictly comply with the command.


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