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Gantry crane operation method

- Sep 09, 2017 -

1. lifting heavy objects, the hook wire rope should be kept vertical, not inclined to drag hanging objects.

2.hoisted weight should identify the center of gravity, and firmly bound. With acute angle application pad, wooden mat good.

3. in weight without hanging from the front, the crane shall not do rotary movement.

4.lifting or lowering weight, speed to the steady speed, avoid sharp changes in the air, causing load swing, danger. When falling heavy objects, the speed should not be too fast, so as not to fall to the ground when throwing heavy objects.

5.crane crane case, try to avoid landing arm. The lifting weight shall not exceed 50% of the specified weight in case of lifting.

6.crane crane under rotation, should pay close attention to whether there are obstacles around, if there are obstacles should try to avoid or remove.

7.crane arm personnel do not have to stay, and try to avoid the.

8.two cranes operating on the same track, the distance between the two machines should be greater than 3m.

9.two cranes and lifting an object, the weight of not more than two total weight of 75%, two cranes walking, lifting action should be consistent.

10.lifting wire rope should be inspected once a week, and make record, according to the relevant provisions of the specific requirements of crane wire rope execution.

11.empty wagon or rotary hook, to the ground more than 2m.

12.winds of more than six, should immediately stop work. The TMK shall swing the boom to the downwind direction and drop properly to secure the hook. Crane shall lay the iron wedge (check rail), and the hook to limit. At the same time shut the doors and windows, cut off the power supply, pull the cable wind cord. This should be done after the usual work.

13.crane platform is not allowed to stack things objects, in order to prevent operation fall wounding, often with special tools should be placed in the operating room in the toolbox.

14.operation, no sudden change of speed or reverse, so as to avoid the heavy in the air swing, are not allowed to operate simultaneously to two or more (including Vice hook) operating mechanism.

15.when driving, the hand of the operator shall not leave the controller, failure occurs suddenly during operation, measures should be taken to be heavy landed safely, and then cut off the power supply, repair. It is strictly prohibited to overhaul and maintain it during operation.

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