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How should the welding standard of gantry crane be judged?

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Often said, success or failure at this moment, that a lot of times, whether a thing can be successfully completed, is one of the key part.

But what does this have to do with the gantry cranes we're talking about?

Of course, for the gantry crane such as large lifting equipment, the success of the welding is mainly guided by the correct specification.

Gantry crane

There are many aspects to evaluate the welding of this gantry crane, such as the welding process factors affecting the tensile strength and bending properties of the welded joints, including welding method, type of base metal, electrode number, type of shielding gas, etc..

If any of these factors change, then the entire gantry crane must be resoldered.

Do not change for some secondary factors without re-evaluation, that means that the secondary factors are not important, if the same weld on the crane is operated by two or more than two welding methods, it is necessary to have a targeted assessment of each welding method or welding process.

Of course, portfolio assessment is also possible.

Therefore, for the gantry crane welding standards, must have the correct specification guidance, in order to avoid detours, and make the gantry crane function can play.

Do not affect the use of equipment for this reason。

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