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How to choose gantry crane

- Jan 11, 2019 -

1. The selection of gantry cranes conforms to the relevant provisions of GB/ t14406-1993 and gb5905-86 for general gantry cranes.

Generally, the lifting weight is below 50t, the span is within 35m, no special requirements for use, it is appropriate to choose the single main beam type.

If the requirements of the width of the door leg, high speed, or often lifting heavy pieces, long pieces, it is appropriate to choose a double beam gantry crane.

Span and cantilever length span of gantry crane is an important factor affecting its own quality.

In the selection, the span should be reduced as far as possible on the premise of meeting the equipment operating conditions and meeting the span series standards.

(a) can meet the stability requirements of the gantry frame along the crane track direction;

(b) the overall dimensions of the goods shall be able to pass smoothly through the flat steel frame of the legs;

(c) pay attention to the proportional relationship between the wheelbase B and the span S. Generally, the wheelbase B= (1/4 -- 1/6) S.

In the work, the external dimensions of the gantry crane and the yard of goods and transport vehicles between the channel should be left with a certain space size, in order to facilitate the loading and unloading operations.

General transport vehicles in the span of loading and unloading, should maintain more than 0.7m spacing with the door leg.

When the spreader is not working, there should be a spacing of more than 0.5m with the transport vehicle. When the goods pass through the door legs, there should be a spacing of more than 0.5m.

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