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Mini cranes or in the domestic market over the next five years will usher in massive development

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Micro-generally refers to the weight of 6T crane and is easy to transport and use of lifting equipment, such as a small crane. In the European Union, the United States and other developed markets, micro hoist has a very wide range of applications, and at the national level, micro hoist application was just beginning to take shape.
Mini cranes suitable for building all kinds of less weight lifting and loading and unloading operations, such as the installation of indoor glass, interior wall panel lifting, or is a upper and lower floors of small weight of goods transported. To some extent, micro hoist can compensate for the lifting of limitations, and this is very optimistic about the market prospects of micro hoist, industry experts the main reason.
Of course, micro hoist itself has a low, no investment risk, and other characteristics, is also an important cause of market and user acceptance. In fact, with urbanization, building a rail network traffic such as national strategy, launch and implementation of projects, experts say, the domestic market over the next five years, micro hoist or will usher in the large-scale development.

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