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Mobile gantry

- Sep 21, 2017 -

Mobile gantry frame is also known as: light gantry crane, small gantry crane.

It belongs to the simple door - type trackless crane, which is the light and small lifting equipment.

Lifting and landing with hand pull (electric) hoist, lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Different from other gantry crane by using universal wheel is the feature of it can be any movement in ordinary concrete, widely used in factories, workshops, field, warehouse of small equipment installation, and workpiece loading and unloading of goods;

And the wharfs and buildings are low and not suitable for driving.

It can also be used to load and unload goods at different locations, all of which can have an ideal effect.

This kind of lifting equipment has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and large working space, wide scope of application, little investment and fast speed.

The feature description

Modular design, simple structure, light weight, easy to remove,

The weight can reach 2t


The steel plate material is Fe37 or Fe52

After welding, the blasting treatment is carried out to achieve Sa2.5 level and eliminate welding stress

Epoxy rich zinc paint, two sides, 140 mu thick, long life, good appearance, good gloss

A 10.9 high strength bolt connection is used to ensure the strength and precision of the whole machine

The wheels

High strength heavy iron core polyurethane wheel is used for smooth operation and good absorbing effect

Can effectively prevent the ground scratches, the noise is low

Lifting mechanism

.Chain block

.The cost is low, simple and convenient and direct and effective, the shell USES high quality alloy steel, strong wear-resisting, high safety performance

.Electric hoist

.Advanced structure, reliable performance and convenient operation

The brake adopts disc dc magnetic field braking, the braking torque is large, the steady and fast noise is low.

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