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Precautions for use of gantry cranes

- Oct 12, 2017 -

1. When lifting heavy weights, the hook wire rope should be kept vertical and not inclined to be dragged by hanging objects.

2. The weight should be centered and securely tied.Use a sharp corner of the application mat.

3. The crane must not do rotary motion before the weight is lifted from the ground.

4. When lifting or lowering heavy objects, the speed should be even and smooth, avoiding sharp changes in  speed, causing heavy objects to swing in the air and dangerous.When you drop a heavy weight, you should not go too fast to avoid falling on the ground.

5. The crane should be used to avoid the swing arm under heavy lifting.The weight must not exceed 50% of the specified weight when lifting the arm rod under the hoisting condition.

6. When the crane is rotating under the hoisting condition, it should pay close attention to the surrounding area and whether there are any obstacles. If there are obstacles, try to avoid or remove them.

7. No personnel should stay under the boom of crane boom, and try to avoid personnel passing.

8. Two cranes work on the same track. The distance between the two machines should be greater than 3m.

9. When two cranes hoist an object, it shall not weigh more than 75% of the weight of the two cranes, and the two cranes shall be in accordance with the lifting and lifting movements.

10. Hoisting and changing the wire rope should be checked once a week, and the record shall be made. Specific requirements shall be carried out according to the relevant provisions of hoisting wire rope.

11. When the empty car walks or turns, the hook will be above 2m above the ground.When the wind exceeds the level of 6, the work should be stopped immediately.TMK should turn the boom to the downwind direction and drop the hook properly.The gantry crane shall have the iron wedge (stop rail) and lift the hook to the upper limit.Close the doors and Windows at the same time, cut off the power and pull the cable.When work is completed, you should also do this.

13. It is strictly forbidden to pile miscellaneous items on the crane platform in case of hurtful injury in operation. The tools used frequently should be kept in the special tool box in the operating room.

14. In operation, it is not allowed to suddenly change speed or reverse the car, so as not to cause the weight to swing in the air, or to operate the operating mechanism of more than two items (including the auxiliary hook) simultaneously.

15. When driving, the operator's hand shall not leave the controller, and when there is a sudden failure in operation, measures should be taken to safely land the object, then cut off the power supply and repair it.It is strictly forbidden to maintain the maintenance in operation.

16. The lifting opportunity shall not be hoisted by one of the following circumstances

The weight exceeds the weight of the crane.

The weight of the weight is not known.

The signal is unknown.

The weight of the weight is not fastened.

In the open air, there are high winds and heavy rain, heavy fog and other bad weather.

It is not good to do homework at night.

All landowners suspension.

There are serious wear and tear on the wire rope and some people are on crane or machine room for maintenance.

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