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Requirements for setting brakes on lifting mechanism of metallurgical crane

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Metallurgical crane in the lifting operation has a very significant characteristic, is often need to start and brake, so brake is an indispensable part of metallurgical crane.

It can not only play the role of clamping objects in lifting operation, but also play the role of safety protection in unexpected circumstances.

For metallurgical crane, brake is both working device and safety device.

In general use, metallurgical crane lifting mechanism is usually installed on the high-speed shaft only a set of brakes, the brake is usually known as the support brake or working brake.

Although the safety coefficient of supporting brake is high, the hoist mechanism with only one set of brake has some safety risk for metallurgical crane.

That is to say, once the brake fails, the lifting mechanism not only can't stop normally, but also the safety protection function disappears.

And its protection range is limited, once the transmission chain failure, even if the brake is effective, but the whole mechanism will be out of control, will also lead to the normal operation of the lifting mechanism of metallurgical crane, make it in the working process of failure or even accident.

For the lifting of molten metal, dangerous goods and special high requirements of occasions, metallurgical crane lifting mechanism only installed a set of brakes risk is greater, can not meet the requirements of safe use, so it is generally not allowed.

In this case, the use of multiple brakes as a lifting mechanism to improve the safety of the driving system is more necessary.

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