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Rules for the operation of gantry cranes

- Jan 11, 2019 -

A. before work.

Check the brake, hook, wire rope, safety device and other parts according to the requirements of the inspection card.


The operator must confirm that no one is on the platform or track before closing the main power supply.

When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a notice board, the main power supply can be closed only after the original person concerned removes it.

A at work.

When lifting heavy objects for the first time in each shift (or when the load reaches the maximum weight), the lifting height shall be 0.

After 5 meters, put the weight down again, check the performance of the brake, and confirm the reliability before normal operation.


Operators in the operation, should be in accordance with the provisions of the following operations ring alarm.

(1) lifting and dropping weights;

When the car is moving.

Gantry crane (2) traveling in the line of sight is not clear through, to ring the alarm continuously;

(3) when the crane drives close to another crane in the span.

(4) lifting heavy objects close to the personnel.


The operation shall be carried out according to the unified command signal.


In case of sudden power failure during work, all controller handles should be placed at the "zero" position. Check whether the crane operates normally before working again.


When the crane is large and the trolley is in normal operation, it is strictly prohibited to stop the crane by driving the reverse brake;

When changing the moving direction of the big car and the small car, the handle must be placed at the "zero" position to make the mechanism stop completely before driving in reverse.


For cranes with two hooks, when the main and auxiliary hooks are changed and the height of the two hooks is close, the main and auxiliary hooks must be operated separately to avoid the collision of the two hooks.


A crane with two hooks is not allowed to lift two objects with two hooks at the same time;

Adjust the hoist mechanism brake when not working.


It is not allowed to use limit position limiter to stop the car. It is forbidden to adjust the lifting mechanism brake under the condition of load.


Strictly implement the "ten not hanging" system: (1) command signal unknown or disorderly command not hanging;

(2) over the rated lifting weight without lifting;

(3) the use of the spreader is not reasonable or objects hanging fast not hanging;

(4) hanging objects or other floating objects do not hang;

(5) holding brake or other brake safety device failure not hanging;

6 crane hanging heavy objects directly processing without lifting;

7 slanting pull not hanging;

8 has explosive material is not hanging;

9) pet-fly was used for buried objects without lifting.

Attending the edge of the piece of the mouth, unattended, hanging;


If any abnormality is found, stop the machine immediately, check the reason and remove it in time.

A after work.

Lift the hook to a certain height, the cart and trolley are parked at the designated position, and the controller handle is placed at the "zero" position;

Pull down switch handle of protection box and cut off power.


Perform routine maintenance.


Do shift work well.

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