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Selection of lifting device of crane and replacement of drum

- Dec 19, 2018 -

Lifting device is an important part of the crane, it is through lifting, grasping, sucking, clamping, supporting or other ways, the material and the crane are connected to carry out material lifting device.

According to the different types, forms and volume of the materials to be lifted, the device used to pick up the material is also different.

Under normal circumstances, when the crane is hoisting into a piece of goods, it USES the lifting hook, lifting ring and other such lifting device;

For bulk materials, grab bucket is needed.

It is suitable to use canister and canister for liquid materials.

In addition, there are also special lifting devices for special materials, such as lifting beam for lifting transport-shaped materials, lifting electromagnetic sucker for lifting conducting magnetic materials, rotating hook specially used for metallurgy and other departments, as well as spiral unloading and bucket wheel unloading and other fetching devices, as well as lifting devices for container loading.

For the crane, the appropriate device can reduce the labor intensity of operators, greatly improve the work efficiency;

It can also prevent the falling of lifting objects and ensure the safety of operators and the basic requirements for the safety of lifting devices when lifting objects are not damaged.

In addition to the lifting device, the drum of the crane is also concerned, as a relatively durable part of the common damage is the groove wear for rope winding.

When there is no load, the wire rope is in a slack state in the groove.

After lifting the load, it is necessary to tighten the wire rope, wire rope in the groove produced relative sliding, if the lubrication is not good, will make the drum groove faster wear.

When the groove of the crane drum can not control the wire rope in the groove in order to arrange and often job-hopping, should replace the new drum.

Some rolls after certain wear and tear, exposed the original inherent casting defects, but also timely repair or replacement.

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