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Status and future development of intelligent crane

- Oct 24, 2016 -

People just had this idea first, subjective idea you want to control equipment, automation equipment. As technology continues to progress and development, the idea has become a reality, more and more intelligent, automated equipment, but also promotes the process of intelligent crane. Once the crane after the intelligence, the whole device operations will be faster and more efficient.
But for now, the digital intelligent control for crane industry rarely, partly because of the high cost, but also because the traditional performance of the motor control system unstable, is not conducive to operations and large-scale applications. But we believe that the crane industry is the development of digital and intelligent crane control system development trend in the future.
And advanced sensor technology, also contributed to the technological innovation of intelligent crane, so companies need to increase efforts in research and development of intelligent crane, enabling it to become the market leading products.

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