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Suspension crane application and characteristics to understand

- Jan 28, 2019 -

Suspension crane is a new type of lifting tool used in workshop, which belongs to light and small lifting equipment.It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient installation, high security, low cost and wide application.The suspended crane has been widely used in China since 1976.

Small weight and volume of production is not too heavy material handling work, has been a problem in our factory, in the past we have been to replace by crane and electric hoist crane products, but the shortcomings are obvious, hard to realize the automatic production line of mass production, low efficiency, the operation of the objects are not suitable for high precision, the limitation of action direction hand into the working environment, can't work effectively.So in many cases, can not meet the production needs, so the urgent need for a high-precision, mechanized products instead.

Suspension crane strength is lightweight, crane is by the post, rotating arm of rotation drive and electric hoist project manufacturing, post firmly in the concrete below the root, the cycloidal pinwheel reducer to drive cantilever hanging back, electric hoist sad be straight lines on the cantilever beams, and lifting the weight of the goods.Crane slewing arm is hollow steel layout, light weight, long span, large lifting weight, economical and durable.

Special engineering plastic roller with rolling bearing, low friction and brisk walking;The layout is a little small, especially to improve the hook travel.Cantilever crane is a new generation of light lifting configuration made for the practical contemporary production, together with the high reliability of the chain electric hoist is especially practical for short distance, the use of frequency, intensive lifting operations, with high efficiency, energy saving, time saving, brief, small footprint, easy to operate and maintain and other characteristics. 

The single-beam suspension crane is more flexible and has a wide range of adaptability. It is a necessary separate emergency hoisting configuration for an efficient automatic production line. With it, the flow of the production line can be guaranteed unimpeded.


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