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The maintenance of the overhead crane

- Oct 11, 2017 -

1) appearance of the overhead crane: clean the exterior thoroughly and make no dust, no yellow robe.

Check for cracks and welding.

2), big car, small car: check and tighten the drive shaft seat, gear box, coupling and shaft, whether the key is loose;

Check and adjust the clearance of brake wheel to make it uniform, sensitive and reliable.

3) check the crane reducer mainly to see if it is leaking oil.

When there is a noise inside the box, check the box lid.

It is usually caused by the bearing damage or the oversize of the gear meshing and the abrasion of the teeth.

4) lifting and lifting: check whether the wire rope, hook and pulley are safe and reliable, and wear more than the specified value should be replaced.

Check and adjust the brake to make it safe, sensitive and reliable.

5) inspection of wire rope of bridge crane.

Common varieties of phosphate coating wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, and smooth surface, check the wire rope should focus on observation of broken wire, wear, kink, corrosion, etc., for some wear, the location of the broken wires serious but not to exceed bid, to make the mark, in order to focus on tracking the re-inspection.

It is important to check whether the safety limit of the wire rope in the drum is effective, whether the steel cable pressure plate on the drum is pressed and the number of pressing plates is appropriate.

6) lubrication: check the oil and oil content of all parts and add or replace lubricating oil according to requirements.

7) check the pulley of the overhead crane.

Focus on whether the amount of wear on the bottom of the channel is excessive or whether there are cracks in the cast iron pulley.

For the balancing wheel of the sliding group of the bent mechanism, it is easy to be ignored because it is not normally used.

Before installation, therefore, be sure to check the flexibility of its rotation, otherwise, the installation of fu Yang about the length of wire rope and the tension cannot automatically adjust by balance wheel, so that increased the difficulty of the adjustment of fu Yang rope high in the sky and degree of operation risk.

8) electrical: check whether the limit switches are sensitive and reliable;

Check whether the electrical actions in the electrical box are sensitive and reliable;

Check whether the motor, bell and wire are safe and reliable;

Check the signal for good.

9) check whether the coupling of the overhead crane is loose or even "rolling".

It is important to check whether the elastic rubber ring of elastic pin coupler is abnormal, and the gear tooth ring should be paid special attention.

Due to the difference in installation accuracy, the entire tooth ring will soon be worn out in a short time when there is a large offset between the two axes.

In the case of the lifting mechanism, serious accidents occur.

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