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The reason analysis and the solution processing way that the crane drops the way

- Dec 19, 2018 -

During the normal operation of the crane, the track suddenly fell off. We are curious about what causes this kind of failure and how to deal with it.

In fact, the reasons for crane fault mainly include motor fault, resistor fault, reducer bearing damage and wheel bearing damage.

The specific analysis is as follows: if the axial clearance of crane wheel bearing is too large, the wheel is not actually positioned in the horizontal direction.

Wheel can produce horizontal deflection below accidental element action, at this moment horizontal deflection is bigger, reason bridge crane can produce serious askew to run, bring about gnaw rail, drop a path thereby.

Secondly, when the crane wheel horizontal deflection and diagonal deviation, will also cause rail gnawing and lane drop.

In order to reduce the possibility of crane similar problems, on the one hand to pay attention to the wheel bearing axial clearance inspection, control it in a reasonable range.

The specific method is to lift the end beam to make the wheels suspended, and use the crowbar to pry the wheels along the axis to see whether there is axial clearance.

If so, pry the wheels to one side and open the bearing box cover on the other side.

Move the outer ring of the bearing inward, and measure the clearance between the end face of the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing cover under the condition that the wheel has no axial clearance and gently rotates by hand, so as to determine the thickness of the pad.

Then it is necessary to do is the crane wheel diagonal, span and other factors to determine which side of the pad.

When measuring the clearance of the driving wheel bearing, the driving wheel should be separated from the driving shaft.

After the adjustment, the crane off the road fault is also natural to solve.

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