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Transformation and upgrading of China gear industry analysis three themes

- Oct 24, 2016 -

1, prospects for lifting and transportation equipment industry's demand for speed reducer
Lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry in China is facing good opportunities for development. To speed up the implementation of the urbanization and urban infrastructure create the heavy demand for machinery and equipment, which for lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing enterprise development to create a favorable macro environment.
Lifting and transportation equipment is the reducer are widely used in industry, the growth rate of the industry directly affects the speed reducer market demand growth. Expect "Twelve-Five" period, lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry in China will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth, have benefited from this, speed reducer needs will also be effective pulling.
2, cement machinery industry prospects for demand for reducer
Cement machinery as a revitalization of the cement industry is an important industry. Along with the infrastructure policy support and the increase of cement industry macro-control efforts, cement machinery market demand growth will be more promising, cement machinery industry will move towards a more rational direction. Reducer is used in cement machine to the second largest general machinery equipment, the market boom must be accompanied by strong demand for cement machinery industry and continue to rise.
3, metallurgical machinery industry prospects for demand for reducer
In recent years, under the guidance of the State's macroeconomic control, strictly control the total capacity of iron and steel industries, accelerating the Elimination of backward production capacity, and strictly control new capacity. After long-term extensive expansion in the steel industry, needs to accelerate the structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and content of this adjustment to the metallurgy, heavy machinery manufacturing industries, especially high-tech, high-end equipment manufacturing industry challenges, it also brings a market opportunity.

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