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What are the similarities and differences between bridge crane and portal crane?

- Jan 11, 2019 -

Bridge crane and portal crane in addition to the similarities and differences in shape, its role is also different.Their similarities and differences are as follows:

A difference:

Bridge crane is a kind of hoisting equipment which is used to lift and transport materials across the workshop, warehouse and yard.

2 portal crane is a bridge crane deformation, also known as gantry crane.

Mainly used for outdoor yard, yard cargo, bulk cargo handling operations.

Difference between 2:

The bridge crane is shaped like a bridge because its two ends sit on tall concrete columns or metal supports.

2. The metal structure of the gantry crane is like a portal frame. Two supporting feet are installed under the main girder, which can be directly walked on the track on the ground.

The difference between three:

The bridge frame of the bridge crane runs longitudinally along the track laid on the two sides of the viaduct, which can make full use of the space below the bridge frame to lift the materials and not be hindered by the ground equipment.

It is the most widely used, the largest number of a lifting machinery.

2. Gantry cranes are widely used in port yards due to their high site utilization rate, wide operating range, wide adaptability and strong universality.

The difference between four:

They look different.

Bridge crane

Gantry crane

Extended information

I. components of the bridge crane:

1. Equipped with lifting and running organization, it can run along the track laid on the bridge.

2. The bridge equipment has wheels and can run along the track laid on the supports at both ends of the workshop or warehouse.

3. Operation organization of the bridge.

Although the bridge crane only operates in a straight line, it can move goods between any two points in the space. Of course, this space is constrained by the rising height of the cargo equipment, the length of the trajectory under the crane and the length of the running trajectory of the crane.

According to the part used and the variety of goods, bridge cranes are divided into hook, electromagnet, grab and so on.

Two. Gantry crane:

Portal cranes are classified into portal frame structure, girder structure, girder structure and purpose.

According to the frame structure can be divided into gantry crane and cantilever gantry crane, gantry crane is divided into full gantry crane and half gantry crane, cantilever gantry crane is divided into double cantilever gantry crane and single cantilever gantry crane.

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