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Crane Sprares And Accessory The Job Is Characterized By Intermittent Movement

- Jun 08, 2017 -

Common crane parts products Daquan Crane Sprares and Accessory which

A working cycle of a crane includes the take-up device lifting the article from the object and then moving it horizontally to the designated place, and then performing the reverse movement to return the take-up device to the original position for the next cycle. In general, the lifting machinery is moved by the hoisting mechanism (moving the objects up and down), the operating mechanism (moving the lifting machine), the luffing mechanism and the rotating mechanism (moving the objects horizontally), plus the metal mechanism, the power unit, the steering control And the necessary auxiliary device combination. In a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of the multi-action lifting machinery, also known as crane. It is mainly used to lift pieces of goods, with the appropriate spreader can also be trapped after the bulk material and liquid materials. The work of the crane is characterized by intermittent movement, that is, in a working cycle in the material, transport, unloading and other actions of the corresponding mechanism is alternating work. The agencies are often in the starting, braking and positive and negative direction of the work of the state.

1, wire rope.

Check the wire rope specifications, model and slide roll matching is in line with design requirements. Wire rope fixed end clip, rope card, piece, etc. wire rope fixed installation is to meet the requirements. Wire rope wear, broken wire, kink, flattened, bent, broken shares, corrosion, etc. are exceeded.

2, crane hook hook

Check the crane hook and anti-off equipment is in line with the requirements, hook with or without cracking, peeling cracks and other defects; hook section wear,Crane Sprares and Accessory opening degree of increase, reverse deformation, whether excessive; hook neck and surface fatigue deformation and cracks and related Pin, wear.

3, coupling.

Coupling parts with or without defects, connecting loosening, running the impact of the phenomenon. Coupling, pin, shaft pin hole, buffer rubber ring wear is excessive. Whether the coupling is concentric with the two components being connected.

4, reel.

The thickness of the reel and the number of wire rope winding can match; guide rope, row rope work is consistent with the situation; Claim;

5, the brake device.

Brake discs, brake discs, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, brake pads, ; Brake clearance adjustment, braking capacity can meet the requirements.

6, pulley.

Whether the pulley is equipped with anti-rope groove device; pulley rope groove, rim whether there is crack, broken edge, wear and other conditions, pulley rotation is flexible.

7, wheels.

The tread of the wheel, whether there is fatigue crack on the axle, wheel tread wheel wear is excessive. Whether the phenomenon of gnawing in the operation.

8, reducer.

When the reducer is running with or without severe metal friction sound, vibration, shell radiation and other abnormal sound; shaft seal is tight, fixed bolts are loose and other conditions; reducer lubricating oil selection, oil level,Crane Sprares and Accessory vertical reducer lubrication Oil pump operation, open gear transmission lubrication, etc. meet the requirements.

Classification of lifting equipment

Lifting equipment according to the structure can be divided into light and small lifting equipment, lifts, cranes and overhead monorail systems and other categories. Light and small lifting equipment, including lifting tackle, spreader, jack, manual hoist, electric hoist and ordinary winch,Crane Sprares and Accessory mostly small size, light weight, easy to use. In addition to electric hoist and winch, the vast majority of manpower-driven, suitable for work is not heavy occasions. They can be used alone, and some can also be used as a crane hoisting mechanism. Some light and small lifting equipment, a great lifting capacity, such as hydraulic jack from the weight of 750 tons. Lifts are mainly vertical or near vertical movements, with a fixed lift route,Crane Sprares and Accessory including elevators, lifts, mine hoists and hopper lifts. The crane is a multi-action lifting device that vertically lifts and carries heavy loads within a certain range.

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