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Classification Of Beam Cranes

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Single beam overhead crane

The girder of single beam bridge crane adopts the combined section of I-shaped steel or steel type and steel plate. Lifting trolley is often used as a hand hoist, an electric hoist or a hoist as part of a lifting mechanism.

According to the bridge support type and suspension type two kinds. The front of the bridge runs along the crane track on the beam; the latter's bridge is hung along the crane track under the roof of the factory building. Single beam bridge crane breaking up, moving, electric two. Manual single girder bridge crane institutions work speed is low, the weight is small, but its quality is small, easy production, low cost, suitable for power after the move is not high volume is small, the speed and productivity requirements of the occasion. Manual single beam bridge crane adopts manual monorail car as running car, and uses hand hoist as lifting mechanism. The bridge is composed of main beam and end beam. The main beam is made of single I-beam and the end beam is welded by section steel or bending steel plate.

The speed and productivity of the electric single beam bridge crane is higher than that of the manual, and the lifting weight is larger. The electric single beam bridge crane consists of a bridge frame, a big car running mechanism, an electric hoist and an electric equipment.

Double beam overhead crane

Double beam bridge crane consists of straight rail, crane girder, lifting trolley, power supply system and electrical control system. It is especially suitable for large span and heavy lifting materials in plane range.

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