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Crane Sprares And Accessory Reliability And Comfort Of Equipment Operation

- Jul 20, 2017 -

(1) to limit or eliminate the elastic vibration of the rope. In the design of the body, the designer will usually wire rope as a rigid body, and in fact the wire rope is an elastic body. When the equipment is accelerated, decelerated or emergency braking, the wire rope will store or release a portion of the energy,Crane Sprares and Accessory causing severe vibration of the lifting device. In order to improve the service life of the wire rope and improve the working performance of the whole body, it is necessary to limit or eliminate the elastic vibration of the wire rope and reduce the dynamic tension of the wire rope. Only use the best start and stop curve, can effectively limit the equipment in the acceleration or deceleration of the elastic vibration, reduce the damage to the rope, increase the reliability of equipment to enhance the operation and comfort.

(2) to prevent the wire rope in the first installation of the twist or bending, arranged in the reel uneven phenomenon.

(3) to avoid the following: the end of the wire rope fixed measures improper; wire rope and wedge connection, the main force rope direction is not correct; with the pressure board connection rope is too short, and no strapping, bolts too tight or too loose;Crane Sprares and Accessory Screw connection, the number of small screw, spacing unreasonable or selection and wire rope does not match.

(4) to the bottom of the groove to the groove diameter, angle and groove wall wear should be consistent with the provisions, otherwise it will cause the corresponding wire rope bending stress and squeeze force increases.

(5) The position of the pulley or hoisting roller is kept appropriate, otherwise it will cause the angle of the wire rope to be wound around or around the pulley and the drum. That is,Crane Sprares and Accessory the angle between the centerline of the wire rope and the plane perpendicular to the center of the pulley or roller is greater than 4 °.

(6) pulley or hoisting drum material properties should meet the requirements of the use, otherwise it will lead to excessive extrusion stress rope.

(7) To prevent rope skipping rope. If the gap between the anti-rope skipping device or the rope skipping device is too large, 20% of the diameter of the rope or the rigidity of the rope skipping device can not meet the requirements, the rope will cause damage.

Before installing the rotary reducer for the first time, should carefully check whether the rotary reducer installed according to the assembly requirements.

Before using the rotary reducer, check whether the pins on the crane have a fixed turntable are not pulled out. When driving, check whether the pins of the fixed turntable are plugged in to protect the rotary reducer from impact.

Lubricants should be checked regularly and replaced regularly. Rotary reducer should be in the first use of about 15 days or so to replace the new oil,Crane Sprares and Accessory according to the situation after 3 to 6 months to replace the new oil. The oil level of the oil reaches 2/3 of the side oil level.

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