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Crane Sprares And Accessory Use Performance And Outstanding Use Of The Situation

- Jul 11, 2017 -

A working cycle of the Crane Sprares and Accessory includes the take-up device lifting the article from the object and then moving it horizontally to the designated place, and then performing the reverse movement so that the take-up device is returned to its original position for the next cycle. In general, the lifting machinery is moved by the hoisting mechanism (moving up and down the objects), the operating mechanism (moving the lifting machine), the luffing mechanism and the rotating mechanism (moving the objects horizontally), plus the metal mechanism, the power unit, the steering control And the necessary auxiliary device combination. In a certain range of vertical lifting and horizontal transport of heavy objects of the multi-action lifting machinery, also known as Crane Sprares and Accessory. It is mainly used to lift pieces of goods, with the appropriate spreader can also be trapped after the bulk material and liquid materials. The work of the Crane Sprares and Accessory is characterized by intermittent movement, that is, in a working cycle in the material, transport, unloading and other actions of the corresponding mechanism is alternating work. The agencies are often in the starting, braking and positive and negative direction of the work of the state.

Wire rope is one of the important parts of the Crane Sprares and Accessory, its main role is for heavy lifting, so the safety of the Crane Sprares and Accessory has a great impact. The more excellent quality of the rope in the lifting of the heavy safety of the higher, otherwise the lower.

The main performance of the wire rope is determined by the wire, so the better the quality of the wire made of the wire. Steel wire is made of high quality carbon steel, after several cold drawing and heat treatment can achieve high strength. As the wire rope is safe, it is also important to maintain the wire rope. In the wet or open air environment to take anti-rust measures, generally can be used galvanized method. To prevent the damage to the rope need to do to the outer layer of steel wire to prevent and prevent the break, the rope is mainly because around the pulley and reel when the hair bending caused by the fatigue of the Crane Sprares and Accessory parts and gradually broken, so in order to prevent the broken wire rope Need to do the ratio of the pulley or roll to its diameter. The wear and tear of the surface layer of the wire rope shall be scrapped when the number of turns exceeds the specified value. Wire rope is mainly used in the lifting, transport and other needs of high-strength rope in the transport.

The wire rope is a standard product in all industrial countries. It can be selected according to its purpose, its number of strands, the number of strands per strand, the tensile strength and the sufficient safety factor. Its specifications can be found in the relevant manual.

Lifting parts are essential on the Crane Sprares and Accessory settings, and when using the Crane Sprares and Accessory, I believe that any mechanical equipment in the use of a period of time, may be due to the quality of the equipment or that some of the problems that doubt, of course, the Crane Sprares and Accessory is not an exception, Is composed of a variety of lifting parts, and thus increased the probability of occurrence of the problem, let's take a look at it

When we conclude that the Crane Sprares and Accessory needs overhaul what we need to pay attention to the matter? First of all we probably to ensure personal safety. Overhaul process should pay attention to remove the security risks, such as: adjust the adjustment of the lifting parts of the brake clearance, replace the wear of the clutch or friction plate so that the control room seat can be easily adjusted up and down, but also to deal with simple lead to control and Repair staff injuries and machine hair problems of security problems. And can enhance the protection of the operation of the surgeon awareness, the machine in the dangerous test, the Crane Sprares and Accessory or lifting parts should be left around to meet the space and protective equipment.

And then, to do after the overhaul of the stalker service. Lifting parts to set up overhaul construction machinery repair files, and to repair units should be within a certain period of time to ensure that the repair of construction machinery to achieve the rules of the use of performance and outstanding use of the situation. In the period of the rule if the fault occurs, after the adjustment can be cleared by the use of units to deal with their own. If the attack is a big change. Such as mechanical damage, severe oil spills, leaks, leaks and leakage, etc., it is necessary to disassemble the primary parts for repair, the repair unit should be told by the repair unit to carry out the inspection, perhaps when the amendment to reduce the downtime, Overhaul machines can operate in exceptional circumstances. There is the time in the repair do not underestimate every detail, overhaul the results to see the details. Every detail should be noted!

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