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Do <>show The Military Elements Of Multiple Active Military Equipment?

- Aug 29, 2017 -


The recently released action movie "warwolf 2", in an extremely popular war fight scene, quickly exceeded the $1.5 billion box office in a few days, creating a new level of domestic military action movies.What real-life military elements are shown in this movie of male hormones?

In 2015, the warwolf 1, the homemade 96 tanks, the wuzhi10 helicopter, the 95 automatic rifle and the American M136AT4 bazooka, the M25 sniper rifle and other real people have made the army fan a great deal.the war Wolf2 in military equipment is farther, tanks, artillery, aircraft, heavy machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other large weapon,scope has been expanded to the armed and new areas of science and technology.

The opening of the sea equipment took the lead.The Chinese navy's 052D destroyer, which carries a vertical launch system, and the 054A frigate have come in a wave of unprovoked fury. The Chinese carrier liaoning has also made its debut in commercial films.Naval fleet commander ordered the slaughter of civilians when the film's European mercenaries and the rebels to fire, the Chinese navy ships out system launch missiles, more precise hit the enemy target, strong visual impact.

However, from the details, the film also seems to have some hard injuries.Heikki, for example, to blow weapon generally use high-explosive warheads, radius, reality more used in high precision value target, if like in the tank, I'm afraid can cause severe collateral damage to civilians in workshop.

There are more types of land-based equipment.Story took place in Africa, the type 56 submachine gun made in China a lot, type 69 RPG rockets also ACTS as a Fried exactly, the role of these two kinds of weapons used with 107 rockets, as China's former military trade export "the three musketeers".At the same time, in the multiple occurrences of the Chinese type 54 12.7 mm anti-aircraft guns on the pickup, easily reminiscent of the war in Libya in 2011 the government forces and rebels of armed pickup equipment operational scenarios.European mercenaries armed with weapons, M16 rifles and M4 carbine variants, are both consistent with the use of mercenaries and the reality that European and American countries are constantly meddling in African armed conflicts.In the film, the main battle tank, which is the main battle tank, is actually "far to frighten the dead, close to see 5 to the weight wheel" China built 59D tank, once in the African war on the war.In recent years, African countries have gradually begun to introduce more advanced export - type tanks.

Air gear is full of black tech.The miniature drones used by European mercenaries can be used to detect or fire bullets.The unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has emerged, in reality, 2012 guns abroad teaching program "FPSRussia" video showed four rotor of small unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a body is equipped with machine guns and cameras, fly up to 48 kilometers per hour, machine guns firing rate of 100 per second, can fly into the target building interior, close combat missions.

At the same time, the mercenary leader use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) to identify the hero technology looks be like simple, actually not low technical content, involving the unmanned intelligent cluster technology, the warfighter tactical information network technology, face recognition technology, the dynamic identification technology, such as a number of cutting-edge technology.

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