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Fight For Cranes In China A Bigger Voice

- Oct 24, 2016 -

Shi Baoquan, Deputy Director of the national standardization Administration Committee delivered an important speech at the meeting, he introduced Chinese international standardization work and impressive results in recent years, profoundly expounded the ISO/TC96 the establishment of the Secretariat of the importance of promoting the development of China's construction machinery industry, at the same time, fulfill their duties, earnestly assumed ISO/TC96 work; work hard and strive to create a new situation of ISO/TC96; innovation, Urged Chinese construction machinery production industry in the new stage three aspects such as the development of future expectations.

In the fierce market competition, who have mastered the standards right, who will have the right to speak, have occupied the commanding heights of competition and development! In the joint heavy section has always been attention standardization work, is national standardization Management Committee established of domestic flow type crane points Technology Committee Secretary at affiliated units, Tower type crane points Technology Committee Director units, is China building construction mechanical and equipment standard Board will concrete mechanical standardization points Committee Secretary at bear units, has is responsible for organization completed more than 30 more than items standard of business amendment work, which national standards more than 20 more than items, industry standard near 20 items, and science, and reasonable to will international standards for into, Organizations into international standard nearly 20. While, in the joint heavy section representative national in ISO ISO in the perform flow type crane, and Tower type crane of international vote and domestic centralized duties, active perform international standards business repair project all stage of vote and review work, so far, has for more than 90 more than items international standards project filed vote, proposed more than 30 over views and was adopted, representative China issued has himself of voice, improve has China in crane industry of discourse right and international influence. This shows that the Technical Committee of the International Organization for Standardization crane (ISO/TC96) Secretariat located in zoomlion was deserved.

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