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Gantry Crane Reliable Performance, High Efficiency

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Gantry Crane is one of the most common lifting equipment in the market, which is widely used in many industrial fields, but we have many precautions in the process of installation, use and maintenance of gantry cranes, such as gantry cranes when installing wires. So gantry crane installation wire attention to what?

1. Gantry Crane Wire In the installation, you can use electric welding method to fix the wire pipe.

2. The gantry crane should use the straight pipe joint to connect the wire pipe, the straight fittings of the Tube group should be staggered to distribute each other. The straight fittings of the cranes used in the open air environment are sealed by the use of hemp shavings and dissolved lead-Dan filling slots.

3. Gantry Crane wire Outlet port should be lined with wooden casing or rubber, in the open environment of the use of cranes should be sealed with asphalt and the pipe mouth bent downward. It is possible to insert the wire tube into the wire hole of the device. The outlet hole of the operation room should be on the side plate and cannot be opened at the top.

4. Gantry Crane Pipe Bending radius should be greater than or equal to five times times the diameter of the pipe, all the bending degree is greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

5. When all the wiring of the gantry crane is completed, the insulation performance of the whole circuit should be measured by using a mega-meter, and the three-phase insulation resistance exceeds the specified standard, and the insulation resistance value varies greatly.

The above is about gantry crane installation wire attention to the simple introduction, I hope you buy intelligent gantry crane to do the correct installation of gantry crane wire and components, to ensure that gantry crane performance and reliable, high efficiency.

A type of gantry crane which is provided with a frame shape on two legs. This kind of crane operates on the ground track, mainly used in the open storage yard, dock, power station, port and railway freight station and other places for carrying and installation operations. Gantry Crane Lifting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism and bridge structure, and bridge crane basically the same. Because of the large span, the crane operating mechanism adopts the driving mode separately, which prevents the crane from producing a skew operation and increases the resistance, even the accident. Gantry Crane's lifting trolley is running on the bridge frame, and some crane trolley is an arm-frame crane. The legs on both sides of the bridge are usually rigid legs; often is the side is the rigid leg, but the other side through the ball hinge and the bridge frame connection flexible leg, causes the door frame to become the static system, thus may avoid the external load action to cause the additional stress under the lateral thrust, also may compensate the bridge frame longitudinal temperature distortion. The gantry crane has a large wind area, which is equipped with a measuring instrument and a crane clamp which is interlocked with the running mechanism, to prevent the glide or overturn under the action of strong wind. The bridge can be either ends without a cantilever or a cantilever at one end and a cantilever at both ends to enlarge the operating range. The half gantry crane has a leg at one end and no leg at the other end, and runs directly on the platform.

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