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Gantry Crane Smaller Design, More Complete Function

- Oct 31, 2017 -

The Gantry Gantry Crane lost accident refers to the accident of personal casualties and equipment destruction caused by heavy weight falling from the air during lifting operation. The lost accident is the most common and serious problem in hoisting machinery accidents.

Gantry Gantry Crane belongs to the hoisting machinery, is a kind of circulation, intermittent movement of machinery. A work cycle includes: The pickup device lift the object from the object, then move horizontally to the specified place to lower the object, then reverse movement, so that the pickup device returns to its original position for the next cycle.

European Gantry Gantry Cranes Adopt a unique design concept, with small size, light weight, small wheel pressure characteristics. Compared with traditional Gantry Gantry Cranes, the minimum distance from the hook to the wall, the lowest clearance height, the branch force Gantry Gantry Crane can be close to the front work, the lifting height is higher, and the effective working space of the existing plant is increased practically. Because the Gantry Gantry Crane has the light weight, the wheel pressure small characteristic, the new workshop space may design smaller, the function is more complete. Smaller plants mean initial investment in construction and a significant savings in long-term heating, air-conditioning and other maintenance costs.

The hoisting machinery used in bridge construction, according to its structure and performance, can generally be divided into three categories: light and small Gantry Crane, bridge type hoisting machinery and jib type Gantry Gantry Cranes. Light and small Gantry Crane such as: Jack, pneumatic hoist, electric hoist, balance hoist (also known as balance hoist), hoist and so on. 

If an accident is caused by a lifting device, the factors of operation, equipment and environment can be considered, first of all, the factors that are the equipment.

1, the equipment itself parts of the problem, such as grab, wire rope, such as damage caused by heavy objects fall.

2, if the operating system of the Gantry Crane problems, and then the safety device failure to admit that will cause an accident, the equivalent of his own problems, but emergency treatment equipment problems.

3. The bending moment exceeds its stability moment, which indicates that the strength of the component is not enough

4, in the use of motor damage, leakage point will cause an electric shock accident.

5, because of gnawing rails, super wear, or bending caused by bridge Gantry Gantry Crane derailment accident.

The following article will continue to introduce its other factors, operational factors.

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