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Lifting Tools Small Size, Simple Structure

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Lifting Tools are very common in industrial life today, but they need to meet the environmental conditions used by the crane to maximize the function of the crane. Below, Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction to the environmental conditions used by the crane:

1. The height of the crane installation site does not exceed 2000M.

2. Crane working environment shall not have flammable and explosive and corrosive gases.

3. Lifting Tools do not allow the lifting of molten metal, toxic substances and flammable and explosive materials.

4. Crane power for the three-phase AC, rated frequency of 50HZ, rated voltage of 380V.

In the life, the crane can be seen everywhere, especially in the construction industry, the machinery industry.When using or buying a crane, we usually take the performance parameters of the crane as the basis, to consider the performance of the crane, but in many cases, The main performance parameters of the crane are usually replaced by a simple alphanumeric letter. For many lay people, it's like watching a bible. What do these letters mean? What do they represent? The following are the details of the crane manufacturers in Shandong. Introduce the main performance parameters of the crane.

1, lifting height H

Lifting height refers to the vertical distance of the top position (or ground) of the crane running track to the limit position on the take-up device, in m.

2, amplitude L

The amplitude of the rotary boom crane is the horizontal distance between the rotation center line and the vertical line of the extraction device in m

3, the working speed V

The working speed is the speed at which the working mechanism of the crane is stable at rated load.

4, from the weight G

Lifting weight refers to the mass of the lifting weight, in kg or t, which can be divided into rated lifting capacity, maximum lifting capacity, total weight, effective lifting weight and so on.

5, span S

Span refers to the horizontal distance between the bridge centerline and the center line of the crane, in m

1) Lifting tools are usually small in size, simple in structure, capable of lifting movements and horizontal movements.

2) lifting gear lifting a variety of heavy objects, the load is changing. Some heavy objects weighing hundreds of tons or even thousands of tons, and some objects up to tens of meters, the shape is also very irregular, there are scattered, hot melt state, flammable and explosive dangerous goods, lifting process complex Danger.

3) part of the lifting gear, need to operate in a larger space, and some to install rails and wheels (such as tower crane, bridge crane, etc.); some to install tires or crawlers walking on the ground (such as car Lifting Tools , Crawler, etc.); some need to walk on the rope (such as passenger, cargo aerial ropeway), the larger space, once the impact of the scope of the accident is also larger.

4) Some lifting tools need direct transport personnel in the rails, platforms or wire rope to do lifting movements (such as elevators, lifting platform, etc.), its reliability directly affect personal safety.

5) Lifting tools exposed, the activities of more parts, and often with the lifting operations personnel in direct contact (such as hooks, wire rope, etc.), potentially many occasional risk factors.

6) complex operating environment. From the large steel joint enterprises, to the modern port, construction site, railway hub, tourist resort, have lifting tools in operation; workplace often encounter high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive, transmission lines, strong magnetic and other risk factors , Posing a threat to equipment and operators.

7) Lifting tool operations often require more people to cooperate with each other. An operation, requiring command, strapping, driving and other operating personnel with skilled, coordinated action, mutual care. Operators should have the ability to handle on-site emergencies. There is a great deal of difficulty in the close cooperation between multiple operators.

Lifting tool of the above characteristics, decided that it has a great relationship with the safety of production. If there is a slight negligence in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of the lifting gear, it may result in casualties or equipment accidents. On the one hand caused the casualties, on the other hand will cause great economic losses.

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