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RMG-Gantry Crane Note The Firmness Of Heavy Objects

- Jul 20, 2017 -

RMG-Gantry Crane Close l-3 fire. Its three pairs of contacts at the same time closed, you can work properly. When the shovel needs to turn, the combination switch 3ffK l connected, 3 tired -2 disconnect, 32c action, so that the rotary motor 3Dl, 3D2 access power. In order to prevent the normal operation of the transformation work, there is no voltage relay in the main circuit protection link. Normal operation, the voltage relay device 311J pull, the moving contact closed, through the 3zc contact to the touch device 32c power supply.

          3yJ release voltage is very low [10v or so) calendar to the normal operation when the switch switch 3 hit X-, touch device 3zC still through the contact 3yJ and suction table. Therefore, F can turn to walk operations. The turn job continues. Only when the rotation is stopped. Can be transformed into walking operations. When you need to go to the walking operation, the price of the sander to switch the switch to the trigger. At this time, 3HK-s is closed, and the contact devices 4zcL and 42c2 are energized, and the running motor 4D is connected to the main circuit. Since the voltage output from the rotary generator 3F is much higher than the operating voltage of the traveling motor,RMG-Gantry Crane the resistors 4R and 4Rc are connected in series to the given signal circuit through the normally closed contact 4zc2, and the given signal current is reduced to 50% of the time.

            When the shovel needs to climb, if the motor output is insufficient, you can press the "stiffening" button J4, so that the walking motor he excited winding loop contact / 4-1 closed, 3sv rectified after the insertion potential string into 220v DC circuit,RMG-Gantry Crane so that the motor running strong magnetic running. The J4-2 is closed and the resistor 4R3 is shorted to increase the current of the given signal to increase the rotor voltage of the rotor, thus increasing the torque and speed of the travel motor.

VB chain hoists and steel clamps are used to enhance the weight of the tool, do not overload the use of heavy lifting. Overloading can cause damage to chain hoists and steel pliers.

      When using hand chain hoists to lift heavy objects, be sure to fix the weight firmly.steel plate clamp as an important fixture,RMG-Gantry Crane for the lifting of heavy objects have an important role. When using it to lift heavy objects, also pay attention to the firmness of heavy objects.

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