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RMG-Gantry Crane Static Wind Special Case

- May 26, 2017 -

First, the type of wind damage and fortification

RMG-Gantry Crane winds include tornadoes, gusts and typhoons (also known as hurricanes). Among them, the tornadoes and gusts belong to the sudden wind category, with unpredictable forecast, small area, sudden and attack time is short, wind action time is usually 10-30min; wind speed greater than 15m / s. Hurricanes are tropical cyclones with winds equal to or greater than 12 (wind speed ≥32.7 m / s).

Sudden wind due to unpredictable, so the great harm, we put the prevention of sudden wind into the list of wind. Wind protection work can be divided into two types of dynamic and static wind.

Typhoon is also a great destructive power, but can predict the typhoon report is divided into three forms: forecast (wind approaching ≤ 48h), close (wind approaching time ≤ 24h) and emergency close (wind approaching ≤ 12h) Typhoon protection is included in the defense. Anti-station is a special case of static wind.

Dynamic windbreak refers to the safety of the RMG-Gantry Crane in the work of wind, static windbreak refers to the RMG-Gantry Crane in the non-working safe wind. Due to the RMG-Gantry Crane operation, the operator and the mechanical equipment are threatened by the wind, therefore, the RMG-Gantry Crane's dynamic wind is particularly important. Shanghai Port currently defines a large RMG-Gantry Crane dynamic operation wind safety management of the fortification level for the Po Fu wind (Beaufort scale) 11, whichever is the maximum wind speed 32.6m / s.

Second, the relationship between RMG-Gantry Crane structure and wind power

Common RMG-Gantry Crane structure has truss and box structure of the points. Box structure of the wind area than the truss structure several times or even ten times, so in the wind and anti-Taiwan work should be treated differently.

Third, the wind and anti-Taiwan facilities

China is currently equipped with a variety of anti-wind defense facilities are mainly to combat the impact of the wind on the role of the RMG-Gantry Crane and pull force.

Windproof platform equipment consists of two parts, part of the installation on the RMG-Gantry Crane, known as the wind and defense equipment; the other part of the dock on the ground, known as infrastructure support facilities, such as anchoring pits, wind and cable to carry (that is, Ground anchor), to sell and so on

Wind protection devices include inertial brakes, anti-run brakes, hydraulic wheel brakes (jibers), cart brake brakes, top railers, anti-climbing equipment, wind shield iron and windbreak warning (alarm) reported devices.

Anti-Taiwan device, including clip rail, anchor, cable or rod, rigging screw buckle, shackles and mooring pier and so on.

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