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RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane Heavier Items And Metallurgical Workshop Use

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane is a machine that is intermittent and has the characteristics of being short and repetitive. In the operation, the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane when the organization when the stop, sometimes turn, sometimes turn. Some RTG-Mobile Gantry Cranes day and night three homework, and some only operating a class, and some even a day only a few times. This job condition indicates that the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane and its organization are not doing the same. Together, the effect of the load on the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane is also changing, and some RTG-Mobile Gantry Cranes are often loaded, and some often only hanging light load, the load situation is very different. In addition, because the speed of the organization is not the same, the impact of dynamic impact load is not the same. This operating characteristic of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane must be considered in the planning of RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane parts, metal structures and the determination of RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane power. Today, as a primary skill parameter for RTG-Mobile Gantry Cranes is the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane's operating level, which replaces the previous unreasonable operating system.

RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operating level of the size of the level is determined by the two kinds of talent, one is the use of heavy RTG-Mobile Gantry Cranes, known as the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane use level; the other is the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane load to accept the size, known as the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane load conditions. The RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane has a certain total number of operating cycles during the useful life. The homework cycle of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operation is the entire process from the beginning of the preliminary lifting item to the next lifting item. The total number of job cycles represents the degree of use of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane, which is one of the basic parameters of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane grading. The total number of job cycles is the sum of the number of cycles of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane during the period of use of the rule. Determine the appropriate use of longevity, to think about the economy, skills and environmental factors, together with the impact of aging equipment.

The total number of hours in the operating situation is divided into T0 ~ T9 and 10 times according to the degree of busy operation of the organization. The load condition indicates that the degree of loading of the organization is divided into light, medium, heavy and special grade. According to the use of grade and load conditions, according to the diagonal criteria, divided into M1 ~ M8 a total of eight. Here, the primary demand indicates that the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operating level and RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane weight are two different concepts. Lifting weight refers to the quality of a hoisting material, and the operating grade is a comprehensive operating characteristic of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane. From the weight, the operating level may not be high; from the weight, operating level may not be low. Even if the same weight from the same type of RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane, only the operating level is not the same, then the safety factor of the parts is not the same. If you just look at the heavy tonnage and negligence of the operating level, the low class of operating RTG-Mobile Gantry Cranes frequently, full load, then it will speed up the fragile parts of the void, so that frequent illness, and even cause trouble.

Other requirements clarify that the operating grade of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane and the metal structure is not the same as the organization's operating level. With regard to the same RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane, because the operating organization is not consistent with the inconsistency and homework of the same RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane, even the same RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane, not the same as the operating level of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane and the operating level is often inconsistent, which is not the same organization Special attention should be paid to parts when they are discarded and renewed.

The RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operating grade is a parameter that indicates the depth of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operation, that is, the parameters that indicate the depth and full load of the RTG-Mobile Gantry Crane operation. The hook is divided into A1-A3 (light); A4-A5 (intermediate) A6-A7 (re) three grades of seven items. Lightweight (A1-13): Very small lifting load, usually lifting fine load, used for power stations or other operating equipment and maintenance equipment, or operations are not commonly used in the workshop and warehouse. Intermediate (A4-15): sometimes lifting extra load, usually lifting medium load, for use in heavy shop and garage, such as the usual machining and the usual assembly shop.

Heavy (A6-A7): Increased load, usually lifting heavier loads, for heavy job workshops and warehouses, such as long-term heavy loads and heavier heavy objects and metallurgical workshops.

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