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Steel Structure Building Is Expected To Be Widely Used In Residential Construction Field

- Sep 09, 2017 -

The Ministry of housing and Urban Construction issued the "guidelines for green technology affordable housing in the near future" (Trial), clearly put forward in the whole life of the building, to maximize resource conservation, protect the environment and reduce pollution, provide healthy, suitable and efficient use of space for people. As a result of the steel structure construction's many advantages and the indemnificatory housing demand match, its promotion in the indemnificatory housing domain, will promote the green safeguard housing greatly to be better, more widespread landing.

Throughout the western developed countries, more and more housing developers turn to steel structure houses in view of economic, safety (seismic, fire prevention) and durability. The experience of developed countries such as the United States and Japan shows that the proportion of steel structure housing is more than 40%, which indicates that the future of China's steel structure housing is very promising.

At present, our country is speeding up the construction of new urbanization stage, green construction industry scale expansion, domestic earthquake frequently, steel residential structure in rural civil construction field application advantages are obvious. Especially in the earthquake prone zone, steel structure enterprises have roots in the local market, such as Shanghai Bao steel smelting in Sichuan Dujiangyan steel structure residential projects, Hangxiao did the light steel structure housing in Sichuan Ya'an.

Data released by the National Bureau of statistics show that in 2013 the annual national commercial housing sales area of 1 billion 305 million 510 thousand square meters, of which 5% if the steel structure by 50 kg / m2 steel structure calculation, steel demand is about 32 million tons, the market potential is huge. The future with the continued growth of real investment and infrastructure construction of a new round of China's real estate market investment, the proportion of building steel structure continues to improve, expand and develop the steel structure market demand the prospect of considerable.

As the most authoritative domestic steel industry organization China Steel Structure Association will be held on April 8, 2014 -10 in Shanghai New International Expo Center China (Shanghai) steel structure material and Application Exhibition "products covering materials, auxiliary materials, construction technology, Design Institute, processing equipment industry chain. Over the same period will also hold a number of technical seminars, product matchmaking. Looking forward to the successful development of the exhibition, boosting the green development of the steel structure industry.

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